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Company  METALIMPEX on themarket since 1985.

Our principal activityis:

  • Parts ofbraking systems for cars.
  • Elements andcomponents for production equipment in the food industry.
  • Feed pumps for tractors.
  • Hydraulicconnectors.
  • Machinery and equipment undercontract.
  • Components on request.

Duringour many years of accumulated activity varied machinery that allowsto take any action in the comprehensive treatment of metals.

Weprovide services in


  •  Precise machiningof metals and plastics
  •  LocksmithServices
  • Welding TIG and MAG
  • Cut to band saws

     We continue to broadenits base of support. To maintain the high quality of products wemaintain regular calibration of measuring equipment.

    We havespare capacity in the range of machining. At this time we are able toprovide services to n / w machinery:

  •  NC machining centers - 1100mm x 500mm x 500mm + B-axis
  • CNC automatic lathes - up to 300mm dia and L-500mm
  • Cylindrical Grinders - 320mm dia x 1000 mm
  • Grinding machines - fi 25 - Ø 150 mm L-125 mm
  • Centerless Grinders - fi 5 - 75 mm dia
  • Grinding machine - L - 1000 mm b = 300 mm
  • Radial Drill - fi 100 h = l000
  • DrillColumn - fi 35 h = 750 mm
  • Milling - 200mm x 650 mm-250 mm h
  • Conventional lathes- turning to the fi range 500 and the L2000

Our products arecharacterized by a high degree of accuracy and quality as evidencedby the acquisition in March 2005, certified as meeting therequirements of DIN EN ISO 9001-2000, replaced by DIN EN ISO9001-2008 facility certification issued by TUV CERT Thuringen.

Weare currently working on implementing the Quality Management SystemISO / TS 16949:2009.

The company was founded in 1985 under the name of PPU "METALIMPEX" Jerzy Chmielewski. In 2004. company for legal reasons it was transformed into Ltd. "METALIMPEX" Jerzy and Grzegorz  Chmielewscy Sp. J. Initially the business was the subject of locksmithing...



J.G. Chmielewscy Sp.j.
ul. Oleśnicka 34
55-106 Zawonia

Fax +48 71 312-95-12
Tel. +48  71 312-81-78

Our contractors
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