History Metalimpex

The company was founded in 1985 under the name of PPU “METALIMPEX” Jerzy Chmielewski. In 2004. company for legal reasons it was transformed into Ltd. “METALIMPEX” Jerzy and Grzegorz Chmielewscy Sp. J. Initially the business was the subject of locksmithing. Mainly dealt with product radiators “fafir”. Gradually expanded the activities based on cooperation with the Factory Wagon “PAFAWAG” in Wroclaw, doing part of the installation of railway wagons. Our partnership with this company lasted intermittently until its liquidation, ie about 15 years. Since 1988, the company’s operations were directed at the needs of agriculture and it was working with hardware Agricultural Trade Enterprise “Agroma” in Kalisz. At that time, started production of spare parts for tractors and agricultural machines. Moreover, thanks to the cooperation of PZL Mielec in Mielec, the production of fuel feed pumps for automobiles and tractors Polish production. The company also dealt with the repair of injection pumps for automobiles and tractors. Gradually the range of our products grow up. In 1989. started the production of motor heads for tractors manufactured in Poland. Then introduced to offer cast-iron housing for machines and tractors such as various types of cover, vaginal zwolnicy. From 1999. the company has introduced to its portfolio of pump power to the Czech-type tractor and feed pumps and AUTOSAN STAR. In 2000. Our company has also cooperated with DIPOL in Krynicznie, locks the gearbox manufacturer. In 2002. We started working closely with the manufacturer of furniture hairdressing, performing hydraulic column for hairdressing chairs.

From 2005. We cooperate with the company ROBERT BOSCH Mirków and DeLaval Wroclaw, which continues today. Produce for them, steel and aluminum details, which require high accuracy and precision.
In 2011 we started cooperation with CHASSIS BRAKES INTERNATIONAL Wroclaw
During our many years of accumulated activity of various machinery, allowing to take any action in the field of metalworking. We are not limited to: machining centers, grinding machines for shafts and holes and surfaces, universal lathes, CNC automatic lathes, vertical and horizontal milling machines, drills, pole and radial column. We continue to plan to expand its technical base, which will increase our production capacity. To maintain the high quality of products we maintain regular calibration of measuring equipment.
Situation currently prevailing free market has created great opportunities but also the requirement for entrepreneurs new increased requirements in terms of quality and competitiveness of the products supplied. In our business we primarily on the quality and timeliness of the services offered. High quality is the foundation on which we build our future as evidenced by the acquisition in March 2005, certified as meeting the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2000 EN ISO 9001-2008 are issued by TUV CERT certification facility Thuringen, as a necessary element of the enterprise.
We strive to make our products and services were at the highest level, to better meet the needs of customers. We hope that the quality management system in place will help us further improve the offer.

We are currently working on implementing the Quality Management System according to ISO / TS 16949:2009

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